The Crimean rescuers received 60 autonomous illumination units

The press-service of the Emergency Ministry of Russia reports that its main directorate in the Crimean Republic received 60 autonomous emergency illumination units "Light Tower". The total weight of the cargo, delivered from the special center #179 of the Emergency Ministry of Russia, amounts to 4.2 tons.

Mobile illumination unit is indispensable for the emergency rescue operations and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations after dark. Moreover, the Light Tower can be used during unauthorized power outage. In complete darkness in less then 3 minutes the Light Tower can evenly illuminate the area of up to 10,000 square meters.

The mobile unit also features high level of safety and functions in any weather conditions, at temperature range of -50°...+65° С, with wind of up to 20 m/s, with rain or snow.

It's worth reminding that a mobile unit based on the vehicle with cross-country capacity has earlier arrived from a region of Russia to the peninsula. Moreover, specially equipped motorcycles for equipping the emergency response unit were delivered from Krasnodar for the Crimean rescuers.

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