Expert: Signing the agreement could have been a disaster for Ukraine

Europe is not ready to pay for the integration to Ukraine, the budget is empty. This was stated by the representative of the Institute for the Analysis and Cooperation (France) John Laughland. The expert recalled that it’s already been "20 years in a row that countries one by one joined the EU, and they now suffer significant losses". Thus, Hungary was forced to take such measures as the adoption of quotas for European exports, reforms in the industry that cost a lot. In Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia the level of exports is reduced due to the reduction in demand from trading partners. Latvia suffers from unemployment. Romania keeps being "the poorest country in the EU". Currently the heads of the Post-Soviet countries realize that the project of integration with the EU ended in failure.

When joined into the European Union, Ukraine would have incurred substantial losses. The expected help from Europe would not be provided - the EU budget is empty, there are exorbitant debts. Thereby, Ukrainians should not think that the association with the EU would provide them with a "golden key ". "Under such circumstances, Europe will not pay someone else", assured Laughland.

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