"Geneva-2" will be held on December, 20

International Conference "Geneva -2" with the participation of representatives of the UNO, the U.S. and Russia, will be held on December, 20. It’s planned to achieve all the goals, set during the negotiations on June, 30, 2012 in Geneva. At the conference "all issues will be resolved", Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier.

In the course of the negotiations, Syria’s transitional government capable of providing control over the security forces and the army will be chosen. Among the participants of the peace conference representatives of the Syrian opposition are expected to participate. The representative of the National Coalition of the Syrian National Council Abdel Wahed Estifo argues that by the efforts of like-minded, it will be possible to form a single Syrian delegation to participate in the "Geneva -2". The aim of the opposition is to achieve the impeachment of the current government led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey and the Arab League are among the invitees at the Peace conference. Whether Iran is going to participate in the "Geneva-2", is still unknown. According to Lavrov, the successful negotiation of the "Big Six" and Iran over its nuclear policy will favor to the preparation of the Geneva Conference-2.

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