The USA might join the trade war with Ukraine

The representatives of the foreign rightholders have threatened with international sanctions from the USA because the department of education of Ukraine ignores its functions of implementing the regulatory policy and combating the piracy.

Ukrainian organizations of the music industry and the foreign rightholders have demanded from the Cabinet of Ministers to immediately start development and implementation of a comprehensive government program of protection of the intellectual property rights. They have noted in their statement that the receipt of funds for usage of the intellectual property has practically stopped in Ukraine, which in its turn threatens with serious sanctions from the USA and the World Trade Organization.

"The minister of education practically supports the activity of the first deputy Yanov, which is discrediting and occasionally is on the verge of crime and corruption. We have demanded from the Cabinet of Ministers to withdraw this sphere of activity from the control of Tabachnik," said the director of the coalition of performers and producers of Ukraine Dmitriy Prikordonniy.

The rightholders think that the department of education is unable to ensure operation of the sector, which is one of the most attractive for investments.

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