The Austrian ambassador thinks that Ukraine cannot serve two masters

The ambassador of Austria in Ukraine Wolf Dietrich Heim said that Ukraine cannot maintain partner relations with both the EU and the countries of the Customs Union simultaneously.

"From my point of view it is not possible to move in both directions at the same time. The agreement on association and the free trade zone with the EU sets the right direction for the general development of Ukraine. For example, Poland, having signed the association agreement 20 years ago, was able to achieve significant success, particularly via increasing its export to different countries of the world. Even if we take export and trade relations with Russia, at the moment of signing the association agreement the annual turnover with Russia amounted to 1 billion Euros, while currently it is 9 billion, i.e. Poland achieved positive result," said the Austrian ambassador.

He did not mention, however, that the economies of the countries, which signed the agreement in 2004-2007, specifically Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovenia, are at the moment in worse condition than before entering the European free trade zone.

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