Ukrainian bank "Finansi i Kredit" has suspended its operations in the Crimea

Kriminform with reference to the press-service of the bank reports that Kiev bank "Finansi i Kredit" temporarily suspended the work of its ddepartments in the territory of the Crimea till April 25 due to absence of a legitimate legal framework.

"The bank "Finansi i Kredit" is ready to perform its obligations before the depositors in full volume once there is an understanding of the mechanisms of realization of the interrelations with clients and partners in the Crimea," says the message.

The bank has also reported that its ATMs will work in regular mode. It will also be possible to use the cards for settlements not only in the commercial network in the territory of the peninsula but also in all the trading and ATM networks of Visa and MasterCard worldwide without any limitations.

The network of the bank "Finansi i Kredit" in the territory of the Crimean peninsula consists of 24 departments, 33 ATMs and 340 points of trade and service.

The bank "Finansi i Kredit" was founded in 1991. As of January 1, 2013, Askaniya.Ltd (46.5%) and CJSC F&C Realty (49.96%) were the major shareholders of the bank. Konstantin Zhevago is the main beneficiary of the bank "Finansi i Kredit", which is in the first group of the Ukrainian banks by the amount of the regulatory capital and assets.

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