Federal university will be created in the Crimea

The session of the government of the Russian Federation resulted in decision of creating a federal university in the Crimea. The higher education establishment is planned to be open on the basis of leading educational organizations, including Tavrichesky National University Named after Vernadsky.

The press-service of the cabinet of ministers reports that the officials of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the Russian Ministry on the Crimean Affairs together with the colleagues from the Crimean Republic and Sevastopol were commissioned with preparing proposals on creation of the the federal university in the Crimean federal district.

As earlier reported, the Ministry of Education and Science was tasked with transitioning the educational system of the Crimea to the Russian educational standards. The head of the authority Livanov told the journalists today, on April 3, that the task needs to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Photo: crimea.edu

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