20 centers for processing of the Russian passports was opened in Simferopol

During the press-conference in Simferopol on April 2 acting head of the department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in the Crimea Piotr Yarosh reported that 20 centers for procession of the Russian passports were operating in the Crimean capital.

He has noted that field groups, which take care of document processing at large enterprises and law enforcement agencies, are also operating.

According to Yarosh, it is planned to organize work in rural areas in the nearest future. "We will train the local employees here and involve them with processing the passports to thin out the line," said the representative of the Federal Migration Service.

Acting head of the agency has also emphasized that the information about "registration in Magadan", which some media keep actively discussing, is false. "That's a mere provocation," assured Yarosh and added, that the place of registration is copied to Russian passport from the Ukrainian one.

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