Negotiations between Gazprom and Naftohaz will be held tomorrow: Ukraine expects to pay for the gas at half price

On 28 November regular negotiations between Gazprom and Naftohaz will be held in Moscow. The Minister of Energy and Mining Industry of Ukraine Eduard Stavitsky has not disclosed the agenda of the negotiations, but spoke about the dreams of Ukraine to buy gas at half price.

Stavitsky stated that Ukraine would like to pay for the Russian gas two times less than the current price - 200 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

He said that Ukraine would like to get the market price for gas, which the countries of Europe pay, that is $300. Additionally, Kharkov agreements provide for $100 discount for Ukraine.

Stavitsky has not reported about the Russian side's attitude to this idea.

At the same time, Ukraine has already received a draft agreement, signed by Slovak operator Eustreаm. According to the minister, it will be possible to bring the volume of the natural gas procurement through the territory of Slovakia up to 10 billion cubic meters of gas by September 2014.

Although the issue of reverse gas supplies to Ukraine from Europe via Slovak territory should have been resolved on November 7 after negotiations with the representatives of the European Commission, a positive outcome could not have been reached at the time.

Ukraine annually imports 18 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The main supplier of the natural gas to Ukraine is Russia, which offers it at the price that is higher than in the rest of Europe - 400 dollars for 1 thousand cubic meters.

On November 24 the Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov said that Ukraine continued to insist on the revision of disadvantageous for Kiev gas contracts with Russia, concluded in 2009. He said that lately Moscow has softened its position on the issue.

One day later the official representative of the Russian gas monopolist Gazprom Sergey Kupriyanov said that there no changes in gas contracts of Gazprom with Ukraine were not being prepared.

On November 26 the Prime Minister of Ukraine denied own statements on the revision of gas prices during an interview to foreign journalists.

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