Russian Deposit Insurance Agency will insure depositors in the Crimea

The press-service of the agency reports that during special meeting of the board of directors of Russian Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) under the chairmanship of the head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Anton Silyanov on April 1 it was decided to open a representative office of the agency in the Crimea.

A decision to open a representative office of DIA in the Crimean federal district (CFD) was made during the meeting. The representative office is created in the framework of measures of integrating САВ in the legal and economic system of Russia and equalization of the rights of the residents of this territory with the rights of the citizens of the Russian Federation. The representative office will be tasked with expansion of the deposit insurance system of Russia to the deposits in the banks of the CFD, dissemination of information about functioning of the deposit insurance system, interaction with local authorities and credit institutions.

The members of the board of directors decided to create autonomous nonprofit organization Fund of Depositors' Protection in accord with the Federal Law "About protection of the interests of the physical persons, who have deposits in banks and remote structural units of banks, registered and (or) functioning in the territory of the Crimean Republic and in the territory of the city of federal importance Sevastopol".

Essentially, the activity of the fund will include the following goals:

- performing compensation payments of up to 700 thousand rubles to the physical persons, registered in the territory of CFD, related to the monetary funds, deposited in the banks, which operate at the specified territory and have the license of the National Bank of Ukraine as of March 16, 2014, in the cases, stipulated by the law;

- representing the interest of depositors on their behalf in exaction from banks of the amounts of unexecuted obligations on agreements of bank deposit (account) in the amount exceeding the compensation payments;

-reimbursing the expenses of professional unions of underwriters and allocating them the funds in the cases and under procedures, stipulated by the law.

The board of directors of the agency has approved the statute of the fund and formed the supervisory council of the fund.

Alexandr Nikitovych Kuznetsov was nominated executive director of the fund.

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