Turgenevsky solid domestic waste site will be operated in the Crimea

During the press-conference in Simferopol on April 1 the minister of the regional development and communal sector of the Crimea Sergey Glebov said that solid domestic waste site, located near Turgenevo village, will soon be operated in Belgorodsky region of the Crimea.

Realization of this project will bring the resolution of long-standing worries of utilization of trash from resort cities of the Southern Coast of the peninsula. "In the nearest future we are planning to launch Turgenevsky site in Belgorodsky region of into operation, which will service Yalta, Alushta and part of Simferopol," noted Glebov.

He has also added that operation of the site will begin after its "isolation" assessment, which is ongoing.

According to Sergey Glebov, in one week a group of experts from Moscow and Krasnodar region will arrive at the peninsula to share successful experience of domestic waste utilization, including, in the area of creating and effective management of sites and construction of waste recycling plants and sorting lines.

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