Grebenshchikov is 60 years old

Today the Legend of the Russian rock Boris Grebenshchikov turned 60.

The future mentor of the Russian rock was born in Leningrad. In 1971 he entered the department of applied mathematics in St. Petersburg State University, and in a year he founded music band "Aquarium", which became almost a cult band.

At first, they recorded their music, songs and poems at home, and gave concerts in apartments. In 1980 the tendency changed: "Aquarium" took part in the All-Union rock festival in Tbilisi. After the concert Grebenshchikov was excluded from Komsomol, was fired and the songs of the band became forbidden. Nevertheless, the band continued to record new albums practically underground.

Nation-wide fame came to "Aquarium" in the time of Perestroika. The band arranged the tours; they even managed to record several vinyl discs, the reviews on which were given by the poet Evgeniy Evtushenko.

Moreover the songs of Boris Grebenshchikov could be heard in the cult movies of Sergey Solovjev, making the music of Greben (as Grebenshchikov was called) more popular.

Just in a bit more than 40 years of his creative work the musician created more than 500 songs and recorded more than 50 music albums.

For today's anniversary the poet released a new single "Holiday of Harvest at the Palace of Peace" of his new album "Aquarium Plus", which will be released on December 3. The album partially consists of old rare tracks of "Aquarium", which are remade in a new arrangement.

Also in the beginning of December "Aquarium" will give a series of concerts, which will be dedicated to the anniversary of Boris Grebenshchikov, in Riga, Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the musician.

"You can tell about justice, about right and wrong, past and future in an amazingly talented manner; and what is more important with your work you proved that the music, which was once the underground music, became the classics of rock-culture," the Prime Minister writes in his message.

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