Novak: 100 billion rubles are needed for the energy supply of the Crimea

During the field session of the Russian government in Simferopol, which was devoted to the social and economic development of the Crimea, the head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak said the creation of own power generation capacity in the Crimea will require between 90 and 100 billion rubles.

Three options of resolving the issue were considered during the meeting. The first one is construction of generation capacity of 1,320 megawatt of total power. That is three stations, each having two blocks of 220 megawatts, and laying a gas pipeline on the bottom of the Black Sea from Krasnodarsky region, which will be branching from the South Stream. The head of the Ministry of Energy has clarified that 5-6 billion rubles will be needed for the construction of the pipeline, the capacity of which will amount to 1.5-2 billion cbm per year.

The second option, according to the minister, is power supply to the peninsula via the power lines from the side of Tamansky peninsula without construction of the local station. The options of constructing aerial line across the strait and laying underwater cable are both considered.

The third option of resolving the issue is construction of generation capacity of 500-600 megawatts and partial supply via the power lines, either aerial or underwater.

Earlier, the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has said that in case of nay critical situation Russia will always be able to provide alternative power sources for the Crimea.

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