Hotlines started operating in the Crimea

The press-service of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea reports that a hotline started operating in the government of the republic. The residents of the peninsula can call 0800505525 for timely resolution of problem situations.

Besides that a hotline of the Social Insurance Fund in operating in the Crimea. One can call Simferopol numbers (0652) 54-71-07 or (0652) 54-71-02 for assistance with the issues, connected with insurance payments for temporary disability (pregnancy, childbirth, sickness that is confirmed by medical certificate) as well as payments of allowances for interment.

The issues, related to payments for insurance against occupational accidents and diseases, can be resolved via telephone number in Simferopol (0652) 24-85-53, telephone/fax (0652) 60-01-18or via e-mail

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