Medvedev: airplane tickets to the Crimea must be cheaper than the ones to Turkey or Bulgaria

The website of the Russian government reports that today during the meeting of the Cabinet of Minsters the prime minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has said that the airfare to the Crimea must be lower than the one to Turkey and Bulgaria.

"It is very important to decrease the price of tickets - down to at least 7-8 thousand rubles, and even lower in the economy class," emphasized Medvedev.

He has also reported that the government is preparing a decision on including the Crimean air routes to the program of transportation backing. "We will prepare a decision on inclusion of substantial number of routes to the program of air transportation backing, similar to the program ongoiong in Kaliningrad region," said Medvedev.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers has also noted that the capacity of Kerch train ferry is planned to be doubled, securing the independence of transportation to the peninsula.

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