The Ministry of Transport: Crimean railroads might become the property of the Russian Railroads in 2015

During a press-conference in Simferopol the head of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Marksim Sokolov has said that the formation of the property complex of the state enterprise Crimean Railroads, the ownership of which might be transferred to the Russian Railroads in 2105, is ongoing.

"The issue has been decided in principle. The state enterprise Crimean Railroads, which will perform all types of transportation: cargo, passenger and suburban, has already been created. The formation of the property complex is ongoing," Sokolov reported.

The issue of transferring the ownership of this property to Russian Railroads will be decided by the expiration of the transitional period. "That's 2015. We hope to conduct all the works on introduction of this property to the register and composition of cadastral plans before the end of the current year," said the head of the Ministry of Transport.

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