Emergency response motorcycle unit will be functioning as part of the Emergency Situations Ministry of Crimea

The press-service of the agency has reported that an emergency response unit will be functioning as part of the Emergency Situations Ministry of Crimean Republic. The workers of the unit will drive out for the liquidation of the emergency situations on specially equipped motorcycles, which would enable the rescuers to arrive at a site of an incident faster and render aid to the injured.

As of today two such motorcycles have arrived to the Crimea from Kransodar. These vehicles, created on the basis of BMW motorcycle, are fit with flashers and special beepers. Moreover, each motorcycle is equipped with backpack firefighting station and fie extinguisher, medical first aid kit, life saving ropes and means for saving drowning people, so called "Alexandrov's rope".

As the chief of specialized department of emergency response of the Ministry of Emergencies in Krasnodar Sergey Martinov noted, during four years of its operations in the city, the "motorbike-rescuers" unit has many times demonstrated its high efficiency in conditions of megalopolis.

It;s worth reminding ереф currently a full scale technical refitting of the departments of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Crimean Republic and Sevastopol is ongoing. A mobile communication center based on the cross-county vehicle has arrived to the peninsula from Russia earlier.

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