The healthcare system will be modernized in the Crimea

Today, during the meeting in the Council of Ministers of the Crimean Republic the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that the healthcare system of the Crimea will undergo required modernization and will be brought to correspondence to the Russian standards.

In particular, according to Medvedev, starting with next year a system of mandatory medical insurance will start operating in the Crimea and the salary of the doctors, as well as salaries of the other state-funded workers, will be brought up to the Russian standards. Moreover, necessary decisions about improving the availability of equipment in the medical institutions of the Crimea will be made. "I have just visited a children's hospital, which is not worse healthcare institution of the Crimea, but it is substantially different by the availability of equipment from the Russian level. And the salary of the doctors and the other medical personnel is also different for the understandable reasons," shared his impressions the Russian prime minister.

"Already now," reported Dmitry Medvedev, "the program of government guarantees of rendering free medical aid must be enacted for the resident of the Crimea. The Ministry of Healthcare of Russia has already delivered to the peninsula drugs and medical products from the available reserve and, naturally, such shipments might be continued."

The head of the Russian government has also raised the issue of the problem of rendering high-tech medical aid to the population of the Crimea. The center of rendering high-tech medical aid by one of the profiles is planned to be created in the Crimea. The ministry of healthcare of the Crimean Republic has been commissioned with the task of identifying the profile, which is the most necessary for the populace of the peninsula.

Finally, Dmitry Medvedev has reported that clinical examination of the orphans and the other kids, which are in difficult reality situation, will be conducted before November 1, 2014.

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