New constitution of the Crimea might be adopted in the nearest days

The FederalPress reports that the head of the constitutional commission and the first vice-speaker of the State Council of the Crimea Grigory Ioffe has announced that new constitution of the Crimea, which stipulates that the head of the government can simultaneously be the head of the republic, might be adopted before April 10.

According to Ioffe, the project of the new constitution stipulates that the head of the government or the council of ministers will concurrently be the head of the republic.

"Since our history has already included not a very positive experience with the presidency, we came to conclusion that we don't need this position all together," said the first vice-speaker.

Ioffe has also noted that the referendum on adopting new constitution will not be held. The document will be preliminarily discussed by the expert community.

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