Vladimir Putin pitied Ukraine and gave a discount for gas

Despite the demarche of the Ukrainian government regarding entering the Customs Union and preparations to signing the EU association agreement, Vladimir Putin assisted Ukraine with getting another discount for gas. The Russian banks loaned $750 mln., and Gazprom supplied gas for pumping into the underground reservoirs with a discount – at $260 per one thousand cubic meters. According to the Russian president, the banks and Gazprom were acting on his initiative.

"Although the dispute, connected with the possible signing of the agreement by Ukraine, is emotional and heated, the banks made an allowance and Gazprom gave a discount for pumping gas into the underground storage. That is, we cooperate, we help our Ukrainian partners, our friends." said Vladimir Putin.

Nevertheless, some Ukrainian politicians have already labeled this step of the Russian president as another political ruse.

"I think that this is a geopolitical game. Tried to exert pressure – it didn't work. And now they are trying to stroke, but that won't work as well," said one of the leaders of Ukrainian opposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

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