Approaches to delivery of health care to the elderly people were discussed in the National Academy Named After P.L. Shupik

A teleconference "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Delivery of the Geriatric Aid" has recently been held in the National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education Named After P.L. Shupik.

According to the press service of the Public Health Department, a scientific forum in an already familiar for the Ukrainian doctors format of communication via internet was organized by the Academy of Post-Graduate Education Named After D.F. Chebotariov of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and East Michigan University (USA).

Academician Vladislav Bezrukov and six speakers from the USA addressed the issues of accelerated ageing of population, contemporary approaches to organizing the health care and social aid for the elderly people, options of the human resource development, as well as the opportunities of prevention and treatment of various age-related diseases, peculiarities of the national legislation regarding delivery of health care.

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