A picket will be placed at the entrance to the state treasury of Ukraine in Donetsk region

Newspaper Donetskie Novosti reports that at 12:00 on October 10 united opposition Batkivschina together with Soyuz Spaseniya Donbassa will conduct a rally-picket near the walls of the main administration of the state treasury of Ukraine in Donetsk region demanding the restoration of the transit of the budget funds via the treasury accounts of the local budgets.

According to the data of the organizers of the rally the state treasury has not paid 1.3 billion hrivnas worth of bills just in Donetsk region.

The day before Donetskie Novosti reported that the employees of the government enterprises PJSC Donbassshakhtstroy, SJSC Donetskshakhtstroy, and Gorlovkoye coal mine construction administration #10 have not been paid their wages for 2 months already. The earnings of the mine builders are "stuck" at the accounts of the treasury of Donetsk region.

"During the current year delays with transfers of the funds of the state budget for the mine builders of the region by the treasury of Donetsk region became systemic and regular. The people are in despair and are ready to undertake the most severe measures," says Vladimir Laschenko, the head of Donetsk mine construction territorial organization of Ukrainian coal miners' labor union.

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