Reconstruction of one of the oldest landfill sites in Kharkov region began

During the Skype marathon of the project "Days of openness of Kharkov region" in the framework of fulfillment of the social initiatives of the President of Ukraine the Head of the Regional State Administration of Bogodukhov Vladimir Beluy informed that this year the reconstruction works of the landfill site for solid waste in Bogodukhov, Kharkov region had started.

He stated that the landfill site for solid waste had existed for more than 20 years, and waste storage had been carried out without a project, without an authorization and without a land outlet.

"Towns Bogodukhov and Lybotun are the first to participate in the pilot project and agree to organize a landfill site of the European type on the place of the spontaneous landfill site. The new landfill site will have the concrete road, the turning circle, a fence, illumination, a weighing station, an underlying film, which will prevent contamination of subsoil waters, the special equipment and partial sorting of the waste. This is the main investment project of the region, which allows us to develop," Vladimir Beluy said.

The construction of the fire-fighting reservoir on the landfill site is of high importance. The Head of the Regional State Administration noted that the thickness of the level of the stored waste reached up to 10-20 meters; therefore, a fire could not be extinguished with one fire-engine only; but the availability of the reservoir for extinguishing and a slit for water supply on the site will prevent the situation with smoke on the site and on the adjacent territories of Bogodukhov.

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