Belarus and Ukraine are "doomed" to cooperation

According to the statement by the president Alexander Lukashenko and Ukrainian prime-minister Nikolay Azaov during their meeting in Minsk, Belarus and Ukraine are "doomed" to cooperation. The head of the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers thinks that "Ukraine does not simply set the goal to be with the countries of the European Union or the countries of the Customs Union. It is simply doomed to cooperation. We are neighbors. We have an extensive border with Belarus, Russia, and the EU countries. The geographical position itself binds us to such a comprehensive cooperation."


The forecast of the president of Belarus was less optimistic and did not exclude the scenarios of continuation of the economic conflict with the Customs Union member countries. "If the Customs Union is satisfied with the proposals of Ukraine, we will meet it halfway. If someone's interests, Russia's, Kazakhstan's, or Belarus's, are infringed upon, we will not meet halfway or we will, but based on some sort of compromise. Whatever the way Ukraine behaves, the members of the Customs Union will be forced to seek for relations with Ukraine; we are doomed to that," said Lukashenko.

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