A representative office of the Public Chamber is opening in the Crimea

A representative office of the Public Chamber is opening in the Crimea

On March 27 during a press-conference in Simferopol deputy secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Vladislav Gryb has reported that its representative office of, which will become a ground for exchange of opinions between the authorities and the institutes of the civil society, is opening in the Crimea.

"There are four models of forming public chambers, according to one of which 20 people from the State Council of the Crimean Republic and from the Council of Ministers each will be elected to the chamber," noted Vladislav Gryb and added, that profile commissions will be active constituents of the Crimean public chamber.

According to him, the main functions of the organization will be public control and expertise of the management decisions made by the authorities of the Crimean Republic and Sevastopol. The results of the public inspections will be published in the mass media and in case violations and abuse will be directed to the law enforcement bodies of the republic.

Moreover, the chamber is also tasked with support of public initiatives. The most topical issues for the public today, especially in the Crimea, are control over usage of the land resources and transparency of making decisions regarding conduct of the tender procedures.

Also creation of municipal public chambers in all the regions of the peninsula is planned for consolidation of the public and establishing of active civil society in the Crimea.

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