Air service of the Crimea is being renewed

During press-conference the head of the republican committee on environmental protection and the chairman of the supervisory board of Simferopol airport Gennady Narayev said that the air service with the Crimean Republic is gradually being restored. The air traffic to the Crimea has been suspended since February 28.

The representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency have inspected Simferopol airport and found its operations satisfactory. As of today Simferopol airport received three-four flights from Moscow per day as well as chartered flights.

According to Gennady Narayev, now the structure of the future ministry of transport of the Crimean Republic is being actively developed. An enterprise Krimaeronavigatsiya, which already became part of the structure of the Federal Aeronavigation Service (Rosaeronavigatsiya), was created.

Rosaeronavigatsiya has prepared all the necessary documents for submission to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for the Crimean airspace to be recognized as the airspace of the Russian Federation. Gennady Narayev has also reported that the Ukrainian side still has claims regarding the Crimea, because of which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia also participates in the dialog with ICAO.

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