The number of flights to the Crimea will be increased

The meeting about topical issues of social and economic development of the peninsula, held in the Russian government on March 24, resulted in decision to increase the number of flights to the Crimean Republic and Sevastopol.

The press-service of the Cabinet of Ministers has reported that the number of flights will be increased "using low budget carrier and subsidizing such air traffic at the account of the federal budget, as well as provisioning the aircraft fuel in necessary amount". The heads of the profile ministries were commissioned with preparing corresponding suggestions on realization of these measures within a week's term.

Besides intensifying air traffic, organization of additional sea passages and development of passenger transport via train ferry between parts Krim and Kavkaz are being discussed. Sea transportation is also planned to be performed using high-speed vessels.

As reported earlier, the Federal Tourism Agency also supports subsidizing the flights to the Crimea. The experts think that for mass attraction of tourists two-way flight Moscow-Simferopol should not cost more than 7-8 thousand rubles. Currently such flight costs 15 thousand rubles on average.


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