Gasoline prices in the Crimea and Russia will even up

Today, on March 26, during the press-conference in Krim-Inform the first deputy head of the committee on fuel and energy and innovation policy of the Crimean Republic Vadim Jdanov has reported that once the Russian operators start delivering 100 percent of fuel to the local market, gasoline prices in the Crimea will equate the ones from all Russia.

"You should not forget that the majority of gasoline suppliers in the Crimea today are the entities of Ukraine, the all-Ukrainian national networks - Wog, Privat. That's why today I cannot tell you the date, when Russian shipment is 100 percent, since there is no certainty regarding the work of the Ukrainian companies," noted Jdanov.

Jdanov has also given assurances that if the local operators start buying the goods in Russia and sell it here at the Russian prices, the Ukrainian companies will also have to decrease their prices. The official hopes that due to positive market dynamics the price of gasoline in Crimea will near the prices in Krasnodar region already during one month.

Also, according to the first deputy head of the committee on fuel and energy of the Crimean Republic, all the operators must have ten day reserve of fuel. As of today the reserve is low than prescribed: around 5 days worth of fuel. In connection with that a session of negotiations has been conducted with the Russian suppliers, and now the gasoline is being shipped via Kerch train ferry and shipping lane from Anapa.

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