Crimea's gas supply is fully secured

On March 26 in the press-center Krim-Inform the first deputy head of the committee on fuel and energy and innovation policy of the Crimean Republic Vadim Jdanov claimed that the Crimea was fully provided for by own natural gas.

Chernomorneftegaz produced 1.65 billion cbm of gas in 2013. If development of Odessa deposit is included, the estimated volume of production in 2014 amounts to more than 2 billion cdm of gas. Since there is a substantial seasonal consumption difference with summer daily consumption amounting to 2 million cbm of gas, while winter - 7.5-9 million cbm, all the surplus of gas during summer period will be pumped into depository for the winter.

The volume of gas, which Chernomorneftegaz extracts today, is fully sufficient for satisfying demand of the Crimean Republic and Sevastopol. Starting with today, gas pumping to underground depositories has already begun due to surplus volume of gas production.

As Jdanov has reported, the Crimean gas depository was designed for 1 billion cbm. During the last year Crimean gas consumption amounted to 1.65 billion cbm.

Only methane is produced in the Crimea, while propane-butane was purchased in Ukraine; however, the Crimea never received it in full volume

"The Ukrainian side was literally bullying us. For example, the last year there were problems with shipments of propane-butane from Ukraine. Then the Ukrainian side was only shipping us 160-220 tons of gas with the Crimean demand being 400 tons per month. And there were no shipments for 2-3 months. Now there will be no problems, since there will be direct contract with the Russian Federation: negotiations about shipments of liquefied natural gas to the peninsula between Krimgaz enterprise and the Russian suppliers are ongoing,"

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