Kiev intends to equate a trip to the Crimea to high treason

And consider the territory of the peninsula, which acceded to Russia and was transformed to the Crimean federal district on March 21, temporarily occupied territory.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law "On Temporarily Occupied

Territory of the Crimean Autonomous Republic", in which the article "High Treason" is also planned to be widened, in the first reading.

With adoption of the law the citizens of Ukraine, who want to visit the relatives in the Crimea, would have to obtain a special permit, while conducting business activity in the peninsula will be proclaimed illegal.

If a person visits the "occupied territory" without corresponding permit, he/she will be subject to confiscation of the vehicle used for the transportation and imprisonment for a term of 3 to 5 years.

The law is planned to be put into action retrospectively - starting with March 1, 2014, which is direct violation of Article 58 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

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