Russians comment on the EU ban of issuance Schengen visas to the residents of the Crimea and advise

The news of the EU authorities ban of issuance Schengen visas to the residents of the Crimea in the territory of Russia is being discussed in the Russian segment of the Internet. Besides the indignation with this ban violating basic human rights, the commentators already started giving practical advice on circumventing this restriction.

The main ideas, shared by the Russians regarding the ban announced by the representatives of the EU, can be summarized as follows:

Having no real opportunity to punish Russia and the Crimea for a historical choice of reunification of the Russian lands, Europe decided to муте its frustration on regular Crimeans. Discrimination of a separate category of Russians by the place of their residence has no legal grounds. The citizen of Russia has a right to live anywhere and the place of his/her residents should not be the ground for restricting the freedom of movement.

If the Crimeans are denied visas, it will not be difficult to obtain them by following an "alternative route". The Russian passport for traveling abroad has no data on the residence of the citizen, but only identifies the code of the department of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), which issued the passport.

According to the current rules, a citizen of Russia does not necessarily have to obtain the passport for traveling abroad at the place of the residence: that can be done in any FMS office. It will be necessary, however, to conceal the fact of residing in the Crimea when filling in the visa application. The EU has no resources, necessary for checking this information. It is unlikely that the EU resolves to undertake massive visa repressions against the Russians, since that would cast a heavy blow upon the tourism business in Europe.

Finally, some Russians speak of the necessity of reciprocate austerity measures towards the EU. Some suggestions are humorous: for example, have the Europeans get Russian visas in Simferopol.

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