The memory of archbishop Guriy will be honored in Simferopol

The press-service of Simferopol and Crimean eparchy reports that on March 30 solemn event, dedicated to the memorial day of prelate Guriy (Karpov), the archbishop Tavrichesky, will be held in Simferopol.

Metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea Lazar will conduct festive liturgy in Pertopavlovsky Cathedral of Simferopol.

The archbishop Tavrichesky and Simferopolsky Guriy lived in the 19th century and headed Tavricheskaya pulpit. During his leadership the eparchy substantially strengthened positions of Orthodoxy in the Crimea, existing parishes were developed and the new ones created, Tavricheskaya theological seminary was opened and the magazine Tavricheskaya Eparchy Bulletin began to be published.

On May 18, 2008, the archbishop Tavrichesky and Simferopolsky Guriy was canonized as a local saint by the decision of Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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