Less than a quater of the Crimean soldiers will continue service in the Ukrainian Army

As the Minister of Defense Igor Teniuh, who was granted the resignation, has reported in Verkhovna Rada today, only 4.3 thousand of Ukrainian soldiers, who were serving in the Crimea, will continue their service in the armed forces of Ukraine.

According to his data, prior to the latest events in the Crimea 11.5 thousand people were serving there in the navy, 2.9 in the air force and around 4 thousand in the other units.

Besides 4.4 thousand Ukrainian servicemen, who are evacuated from the Crimea, 2.2. thousand of their family members will leave the peninsula.

As earlier reported, the head of the main command center of the armed forces of Ukraine Major General Alexander Roznazin said that around half of the Ukrainian servicemen in Crimea deserted to the Russian side.

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