It's necessary to decrease the price of air tickets to the Crimea - the head of Federal Tourism Agency

The Federal Tourism Agency thinks that it is necessary to subsidize the prices for air tickets to the Crimea and to organize new flights from the Russian cities with population of over 1 million to the peninsula.

According to the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Alexander Radkov air transportation needs to be subsidized to support the tourism season in the Crimea. In the interview to the "Russian Newspaper" Radkov said that he meant not only the flights from Moscow and Saint Petersburg but also from the other Russian cities. The experts estimate that the price of a two-way ticket for Moscow-Simferopol flight has to be not more than 7-8 thousand rubles for mass attraction of tourists. Now this flight costs 15 thousand rubles on average.

"Besides the European part of Russia it is necessary to subsidize the traffic from the cities of Siberia and the Far East. Naturally, the cities with more than 1 million residents must be included," said Radkov.

According to the FederalPress, direct flights to the Crimea were organized from May to September of 2013 from Kazan. Presumably, this year direct flights from Kazan to Simferopol will be organized from May to the end of September as well.

The press-service of the government of Vologodskaya region has reported that Cherepovets will be connected with Simferopol via regular direct flights starting with June 1.

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