Those Crimeans, who are in Ukraine, will be helped to return home

An interim commission, tasked with assisting the Crimeans, who temporarily are in Ukraine and want to return home, was created in the Crimea. Corresponding decision was made during the session of the presidium of the State Council of the Crimean Republic on March 24.

According to the press-service of the State Council of the Crimea, the commission will coordinate the work of the local authorities in the issues of homecoming, including the military personnel and those people, who are confined to the places of imprisonment at the territory of Ukraine.

The chairwoman of the interim commission Svetlana Savchenko has reported that the current situation with homecoming of these people to Crimea is quite resonant publicly. There are signals of the Crimeans being oppressed outside the Crimea due to annexation of the peninsula to Russia. The State Council of the Crimea has registered cases, when the Crimeans were prevented from returning home. Specifically, more than 30 cadets of Kharkov Airforce University Named after Ivan Kojedub were not let out to the peninsula due to study payment arrears and were threatened with being sent to involuntary service to Ukrainian Army. Representatives of the parent's committee went from the Crimea to Kharkov for settlement of this issue.

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