Verkhovna Rada has preliminarily approved the amendments to the Constitution aimed at strengthening the independence of judges

The people's deputies of Ukraine have supported the draft resolution on the preliminary approval of the bill № 2522а/P "On introducing the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the enhancement of the guarantees of the independence of judges", which was introduced by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in the framework of the European integration and which contains proposal of appointing the judges perpetually. According to, 244 people's deputies voted for the corresponding decision, while the required minimum was 226 votes.

9 deputies voted against the bill. 115 parliamentarians abstained from voting. The votes originated as follows: the Party of Regions – 196 votes, non-factional deputies – 16 votes, the Communist Party of Ukraine – 31 votes.

The bill had to be voted twice because the deputy of the Party of Regions Nikolay Rydkovskiy used both of his hands for voting. The chairman of Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Rybak rebuked the deputy and announced a revoting.

Today representatives of the opposition demanded a meeting with Yanukovych for development of new draft changes to the Constitution aimed at strengthening of the independence of judges. Earlier three parliamentary factions – Batkivschina, Udar, and Svoboda, signed a statement, in which they refused to vote for the presidential bill about the strengthening of the independence of judges.

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