Armed men attack military warehouse in the north of Odessa region

About ten armed men in camouflage uniforms and balaklavas attacked arms warehouse in Zherebkovo village (Ananiev district of Odessa region) on the night of March 24. The attackers took a short rifle of one of the guards. The second guard raised the alarm and fired several shots into the air. After that, the attackers fled.

Zherebkovo warehouse is one of three in Ukraine used earlier for dumping the weapons left over from the reorganization of the Civil Defense Forces in non-military rescue service - submachine guns, machine guns, rifles, grenades, ammunition and even grenade launchers. At the same time the press service of the regional police department denies reports of weapons storage in the warehouse, saying that the storage contains only uniforms.

Obviously, the warehouse attackers intended to get rifles and machine guns. The crime scene is investigated by the police and the Security Service, who detained a few days ago a group of people planning to attack a military unit in order to seize weapons.

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