The Crimea will determine the future of its health resorts and state summer cottages

The first vice Prime Minister of the Crimean government Rustam Temirgaliev at the press conference in Simferopol on March 24 stated that the further destiny of the estate, including health resort complexes, state summer cottages and residences, which are located on the territory of the peninsula, will be determined by the leadership of the Republic of the Crimea.

"Turchynov may issue any orders, but it will have no real influence on the Crimea and the destiny of its objects; for today they are the property of the government of the Crimea," Rustam Temirgaliev said.

He also noted that this issue will be considered in the framework of the Constitution of the Republic of the Crimea, with the concurrence with the federal center - Moscow.

Today, on March 24 the acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov signed a decree on the sale of state property.

So, according to the document, posted on the official website of the acting President of Ukraine, state immovable property is subject to alienation and subsequent privatization. It refers to enterprises, institutions, organizations, health resorts, hotels, state residences and summer cottages.

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