Temporary authority in Odessa may change

54 deputies of Odessa City Council from the faction of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party demanded to hold an extraordinary session of the municipal assembly.

At the extraordinary session deputies intend to elect a new secretary city council, who will automatically become the acting mayor of the city. Formally there is no authority in Odessa after the officially non-motivated resignation of Aleksey Kostusev on October 30, 2013. Signatures or votes of 41 out of 120 deputies are needed to call the extraordinary session. Deputies of the City Council from Party of Regions Nikolay Pestruev - the monopolist on the market of funeral services in the city, his son Dmitri Pestruev, as well as Anatoliy Ragulin, Yuri Paraskevich and Oleg Kiktenko initiated the session.

Currently the acting city mayor is the secretary of the City Council Oleg Bryndak, who was elected according to lists of Party of Regions and is considered to be the creature of the people's deputy Gennady Trukhanov. The above-mentioned group of deputies intends to pass Bryndak the vote of distrust.

The second issue of the agenda of the session is allocation of land for the Ministry of Defense for the construction of housing for the evacuated military men from the Crimea.

Changes in personnel and redistribution of influence in the mayor's office of Odessa are directly connected with forthcoming elections of the city mayor on May 25, which will be held simultaneously with presidential elections of the country. One of the main candidates for the position of the mayor is considered to be Eduard Gurvits, who occupied this position for two times already. Just in the light of upcoming elections the acting first deputy of the city mayor become Oles Yanchuk - a long-standing ally of Gurvits, the activist of the party Brotherhood, who was accused in contract killing of the assistant of the people's deputy Dmitriy Rustanov a few years ago, he is also well-known for attacks of Odessa journalists on January 31, 2010. Also the group of Party of Regions in the City Council will be reformatted to match the candidacy of Gurvits and his possible come back to the position. The last process will be organized by Nikolai Pestruev, who actively supported Eduard Gurvits till fall 2010, and then became one of the main deputies of the city group of Party of Regions.

Candidates for the post of the secretary of the city mayor and acting mayor of Odessa are considered to be the current head of the municipal directorate of capital construction and the deputy of the City Council Anatoliy Ragulin (who was the foreman and the head of the housing and communal services company before his political career), as well as the deputy of the city Council from Party of Regions Evgeniy Omelchuk.

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