Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: The EU instigates Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Russian Federation has accused the EU of instigation of Ukrainian opposition to protests and the unlawful actions.

On the official website of the MFA it is stated that the MFA considers that Brussels is trying to convince Kiev to sign the Association Agreement "at any cost", and is interfering with the affairs of a sovereign state. Moreover, the MFA noted that the EU was trying to shift the blame to Russia, and to accuse Moscow of the failure of signing the Agreement.

"We have always emphasized that the choice of economic unions is a sovereign option of our neighbors, which we will respect. Russia just offered to calculate the economic consequences of the Association Agreement with the EU for our trade and economic relations with regard to the fact that the European Union warned Ukraine openly that there would be no possibility of simultaneous membership in two customs unions with different levels of customs regulation. Many of the experts drew attention to the fact that the dividends from the promoted by the EU Association Agreement are evident only for the European Union. For Ukraine, and for our other neighbors the entry into force of the trade and economic chapters of Association Agreement would result in a long-term period of economic disorders, regress of the industrialization, devastation of the farms, and, as a consequence, the increase of unemployment and the decline in the standard of living," the document says.

The statement stresses that the benefits for Ukraine from signing of the Agreement "are evident only for the European Union". The MFA called the decision of the Ukrainian Government "to take a pause" and think about the compensation of the possible economic losses from the Agreement with the EU "clear".

"We are convinced, that all of us need to strive not for the creation of new dividing lines in Europe, but for building on the equal basis the common European economic space, with predictable and understandable for all our states rules, which correspond to tasks of modernization of our economies, the introduction of the advanced technology and innovation into them, support of mutually beneficial industrial cooperation," the Ministry summarizes.

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