The Crimea transfers to payments in rubles

Rustam Temirgaliev informed during the press conference in Simferopol that all Crimean shops will be able to pass on payments in rubles by the end of this week. The deputy Prime Minister of the Crimea noted that already that day one could see double price tags in hryvnas and in rubles in many points of sale.

The change of the accounting system that will correspond to the new system will be approved on March 26 at the session of the Crimean parliament. The new rules will operate till January 1, 2015. After that payments will be done only in rubles.

Rustam Temirgaliev also reported that in the period of reorganization of the economic system of the Crimea one problem was found out - large distribution networks that operate in the Crimea, do not pay taxes to the local treasury. The matter is that these organizations are legal persons of Ukraine. In this regard such organizations were recommended to register as taxpayers in the Crimea according to the temporary regulation.

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