Yatsenyk: economic growth is out of the question

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyk stated during the meeting on March 23 that the current year should become a year of stabilization for Ukraine; therefore, economic growth is out of the question.

Arseniy Yatsenyk drew attention to the fact that previous government of Ukraine brought the country to bankruptcy. "The Government of Yanukovych and Azarov brought the country to the full and total bankruptcy," the Prime Minister told.

According to him, the next week the Verkhovna Rada will consider the list of "difficult" and unpopular economic bills. At the same time, he emphasized that the government and international partners of Ukraine are working not to delay payments of external debts of the country and social benefits to the population.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Ukraine must pay 9 billion dollars of external debt till the end of the year.

The government of Ukraine agreed to fulfill all enslaving terms of the IMF in order to obtain the credit.  The list of requirements includes 10 items:

  1. To increase the retirement age by two years for men and by three years for women. To eliminate the right for early retirement and dual-rate (one year for two years) for employees of dangerous undertakings.
  2. To eliminate the institution of special pension benefits, which are allocated to scientists, civil servants, managers of state structures. Limiting pensions for pensioners who work. To increase the retirement age of the army officers up to 60 years.
  3. To increase the price for gas for municipal enterprises by 50% and two times for private consumers. To increase the price for electricity by 40%, to increase prices for municipal services in accordance with the growth of prices for gas.  To increase the excise duty for gasoline by 60 Euros.
  4. To cancel benefits and to increase transport tax by 50%. To refuse from increase of living wage.
  5. To privatize all mines and to cancel subsidies. To cancel benefits for companies of housing and communal services, transportation, etc.
  6.  To cancel state support of childbirth, free nutrition and textbooks at schools.
  7. To restrict the practice of simplified taxation, VAT benefits in rural areas, introduction of VAT for drugstores and pharmaceutists.
  8. To cancel moratorium on sale of land of agricultural purposes and subsidies for producers of pork and chicken.
  9. To reduce the number of ministries down to 14.  To make all state bodies subordinate to the ministries. The tax administration, the customs, the state property fund should become subordinate to the ministry of finance.
  10. To limit salaries of officials. To pay unemployment benefits only after a minimum period of six months of work. Sick pays will be credited at the level of 70% of the salary, but not less than cost of living. To finance sick pays starting only with the third day of the illness.

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