There will be no Santa Claus parade in New York any more

In New York the traditional Santa Claus parade, during which the money for charity is collected, was abolished. This year Santa Clause parade has walked the streets of the City for the last time. The Internet will replace the volunteers in costumes.

"The Santa Clauses, which walk along the streets, have proven themselves to be an ineffective way of collecting the money. In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to find the volunteers for the role of Santa, and their work gave not very impressive results," the Vice-President of the volunteer organization Rachel Weinstein informed the Associated Press.

From now on the volunteer community will collect money on-line, as well as accept donations from those who want to transfer the funds to the account of the organization.

The Santa Claus parade has been held in New York City since the first half of the 20th century. The volunteers support the programs of issuing of the coupons for food for underprovided families and for homeless.

During the Santa Claus parade the volunteers in the costumes of Santa were standing in the streets with the hand bells and were appealing to the New Yorkers and to the guests of the сity to donate money for charity.

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