Naftogaz head detained illegally - the Party of Regions

Naftogaz head Yeugeniy Bakulin detained illegally, says the Party of Regions. The corresponding statement published on the party official website.

“The current government has obviously adopted all illegal repressive methods that it opposed earlier. Particularly cynical was the unlawful detention of Yeugeniy Bakulin and seizure of “Naftogaz Ukrainy” premises, on the same day when the Prime Minister of Ukraine signed the political part of the EU Association Agreement, declaring compliance to the law and democratic values,” reads the message.

The site also notes that the current government “is unable to find the real participants of the corruption schemes in the oil&gas industry, to solve the problem of annexation and the dominance of armed insurgents in the regions of Ukraine; at the same time, the government-controlled law enforcers began to harass the people who diligently perform their professional duties but are unwanted for to political reasons.”

Kiev regional organization of the Party of the Regions urges Ombudsman to take the Bakulin case under personal control, calling on the international community to influence the new Ukrainian government and stop the political repression in the country.

As previously reported, Yeugeniy Bakulin was arrested on March 21 following investigation of corruption schemes in the gas industry. Bakulin’s schemes resulted in $4 billion damage to the Ukrainian budget, the authorities estimate. Yesterday the court issued the arrest warrant. Yeugeniy Bakulin can go on bail for $144.7 million.

Investigations against “Naftogaz Ukraine” can lead to freezing of the entire range of gas negotiations between Russia and Ukraine for the entire period of investigation, because Naftogaz is the only legal counterparty authorized for official negotiations with Gazprom regarding gas debt payments, fuel prices and supply volumes.

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