Zaporozhie protesters rally in support of the disappeared legitimate President Yanukovych (PHOTO)

Throughout Ukraine, thousands express their support for the legitimate, though disappeared, head of state.

On Sunday, support rally was held in Zaporozhie. Protesters of the “South-Eastern Front” gathered at Lenin Square in support of Viktor Yanukovych, their “unloved, but legitimate” President.

By midday, supporters of the Communist Party joined them, and then the organisers of the pro-Russian directed the people to the Walk of Fame Alley. The protesters carried the flags of Russia, large national flag of Ukraine, many held small national flags.

On the Walk of Fame Alley, Artem Timchenko, leader of the “South-Eastern Front” read a statement condemning Nazis and political terror. Protesters requested the deputies of the Regional Council to provide, during the next session, a political assessment of the events that happened in Ukraine after the February 21. They also called for evaluation of the legitimacy of the current government, decisions on decentralization of authority, empowerment of local governments, transferring to the region a wide scope of powers and financial resources necessary for the development of the territory.

The rally members demanded the immediate withdrawal of all unregistered weapons and disbandment of illegal paramilitary squads, termination of political persecution of dissidents, policemen and their families, a moratorium on any changes to the ‘language law’, protection of the rights of Russian-speaking population.

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