Crimea set to upgrade its military facilities

Crimea set to upgrade its military facilities

Crimea’s military facilities and bases needed by Russia will be upgraded, the money will be invested there, says Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of “National Defence” magazine.

According to RSN news service, Russia's military plans to use 80% of military facilities in Crimea. “We need airfields, coastal infrastructure, we need ships,” said Korotchenko.

According to him, new political reality is that over 90% of Ukrainian soldiers, who were stationed in the Crimea, were forced to choose the Russian flag. “This is the reality with which we and all others should take into account,” said the chief editor of the “National Defence”.

The expert added that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that preserves ranks and recognises higher education diplomas for military servicemen in Crimea.

Earlier, the press service of the Defence Ministry reported that 61 soldiers of Ukraine’s military airborne units decided to continue serving in the Ukrainian army. In February, Dnepropetrovsk-based paratroopers arrived to the Crimea for field training.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoiga ordered Russian military police escort of the troops be to the border with Ukraine.

“Earlier, leaders of Crimea self-defence forces offered to the commander of Ukrainian unit to leave weapons and military equipment and leave the peninsula,” says the press service of the Defence Ministry.

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