Avakov: the Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to accept Yanukovych

The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov reported the head of the government about mass protests in the south-eastern part of Ukraine and requirements to bring Viktor Yanukovych back.

In the course of the meeting of the government, the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyk asked Avakov about the situation in the east of Ukraine. "Several hundred thousand people gathered for rallies in Donetsk and Lugansk, but the situation is calm. About 1.5 thousand people take part in protests in Kharkov, but the situation is also calm," Avakov reported.

He noted that participants of the rally in Kharkov walked in the procession towards the Consulate of Russia, chanting Russian oriented slogans and slogans about the return of Viktor Yanukovych.

Yesterday Russian oriented rallies also took place in Mariupol, Zaporozhye and Odessa.

Yatsenyk asked Avakov, whether he was ready to accept Yanukovych. In response Avakov said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs created all necessary conditions for the return of Yanukovych.

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