Residents of Mariupol call on Yanukovych to stop chaos in the country (Photo)

On Sunday, March 23, a rally that gathered several thousands of people was held in Mariupol. Its participants demanded early elections to Verkhovna Rada, return of Viktor Yanukovych to the post of the President, entry of Ukraine to the Customs Union and nonaligned status of the country.

The rally was held near the building of the City Council. People came with banners that read "Yanukovych is our legitimate President," "Viktor Yanukovych, urgently come to work, save the country!" "Yanukovych is a legitimate President." In addition, protesters expressed their negative attitude towards the current chairman of Donetsk region Sergey Taruta and Kiev authorities. They chanted "Taruta go away!" "Fascism will not do!"

Participants of the rally recorded a video statement to Viktor Yanukovych, calling on "to return to his working place and to stop the outrage." It was planned to place it in the Internet.

Activists called on protesters to organize the city-wide strike: "We must stop factories! If it will be need we will have to write resignation letters! First we need to pin oligarchs on their shoulders and only then to start building the real country!"

Protesters plan to come to the building of the City Council once again on March 25, when the session of the City Council will take place. Participants of the rally intend to achieve holding the referendum about the status of Donbass and to stop criminal prosecution of activists, detained by the Security Service of Ukraine.

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