Fighters of "Self Defense" attacked cars with Russian flags in Zaporozhye (Photo)

Stones and bottles were thrown at participants of a peaceful auto race, several people were injured.

On Sunday, March 23, the motorcade The Auto Race of Friendship from Melitopol to Zaporozhye was attacked not far from the automobile plant ZAZ. According to participants of the auto race, first they were attacked near the bus station, the windows of their cars were broken. They were afraid of being beaten, therefore they did not stop.

"Several dozens of people of the so-called "Self Defense of Euromaidan" armed with hammers, axes, spades, stones, reinforcement rods and bottles, attacked residents of Melitopol, who were driving to residents of Zaporozhye to participate in the event "The South-East People's Front" that was organized by the public organization Slavic Guard," eyewitnesses said.

When participants of the auto race approached the automobile plant, they were again attacked by radically set representatives of Self Defense, who began to break windows of the cars, crush flags and mirrors, attack passengers of vehicles. There is information about several victims, and at least three broken vehicles.

In the meantime, "Self Defense" claims that they started breaking the cars after one car of the motorcade the blue Lada Priora ran over an activist of Euromaidan and dragged him on its hood a few meters. The damaged vehicle was found after several hours in Lenin Port; however, the driver was not arrested.

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