The government increases support of the families with newborns and the families with adopted children

During the meeting with females – Heroes of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych said that the government was constantly working on strengthening of the social support of the families with newborns and the families, which adopted children from the orphanages.

According to the president, over the last several years a one-time payment for the birth of the first, second, and third child was considerably increased: to 26, 59, and 155 thousand hryvnas correspondingly. Viktor Yanukovych also pointed out that a constant tendency of growth of these payments could be observed. He added that the government created all the conditions for those citizens, who decided to take orphans and abandoned children for upbringing in their families or to create the children's homes of family type.

"We took a different approach here: to create such motivations for people, which would stimulate them to adopt the childeren or take them to the children's homes of family type. There are many of such children's homes in different regions of Ukraine," said the head of the state.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, all the above mentioned measures allowed to decrease the number of children, who have to be brought up in boarding schools.

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